A more natural school system
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Jos Boersema
2018-07-22 14:47:38 UTC
I think it may be a wise idea, to model the school system upon the
history of mankind. Children who are youngest start at what we think of
as the most primitive survival techinques, such as collecting some
berries and making some basic shelter, doing some cooking and stuff.
Boyscout stuff, boys love it. Doing some knitting and so on, basic tent
living. Later on it can progress. This basic principle is as wide and
varies as is history (which is the grandest of all interests in a way,
because it encompasses everything, since everything has a history.)

I'll not belabor the point too long, but for the negativity crowd I'll
point out that you can end an education at the most complicated math and
production techniques that you want, including languages and anything

While young children probably need to learn how to listen and be
disciplined, when they get older they could slowly be taught by
experience and practice, what it is to listen and talk to other people
in order to make reasonable balanced decisions.

Perhaps this type of education seems senseless in our servant-master
type society. The bosses merely need some tools to roll off the
production system, some work cattle. They do not need people who can do
all kinds of things, who have learned to be inventive, productive, and
who can relate to each other at least in a little more dignified and
adult way then you see currently in much of the supposedly adult population.

However I think this type of education makes perfect sense in a society
where people have meaningful rights, of which they need to make a
succes. Important for the young adult will likely be the right to
land, because that is where life starts. With this kind of education, he
will have had years of education in various land uses. He will be
accomplished enough in growing a variety crops, that he can live (and
feel good about his work and still growing (heh) abilities), even if
there are no companies that want to hire him as a fellow in the group
(which in many cases can be a co-operative business, if that people
has finally become mature enough to handle that.) From there he can
spread out his chances throughout the market. At least he is a human
being, rather then a failure, which is what you are in the current
system if you are not the servant of some (often money obsessed maniac)
boss or underboss.

Since very large and monopoly businesses are destroyed by law and the
law breakers dealt with, the markets remain open and hopefully with only
minimal Oligarchical vices. That is so much more important than
current Capitalist propagandists seem to care for. It matters everything
if your eggs can find a market, or if everything is destroyed under a
monopoly system which exploits labor to a measure they are reduced to
unacceptable working conditions, producing eggs it quantities and at
prices nobody can compete with. Even if you have your share of land, but
are confronted with monopolies and cartels, particularly those that
manage to oppress their labor force, you are still in big trouble
because the greed obsessed population is likely to go for the products
from hell (by which they eventually turn their own country into a hell,
but they don't care: "society does not exist" they seem to think, "me,
myself, and I is the only group I care about.")

For people who lack all imagination and mental vision, I will suggest
that having land and free space in industry parks, can mean anything you
want. It can mean you can start a small computer repair shop with some
friends. It can mean you start it alone, and hire more people to it,
once you get more business than you can handle. That is all so much more
easy when you have space. It also helps if you have clients who have
land, who therefore are not desperately poor work catttle for the
capitalists, who can afford and need many a kind of service.

This is what the supposed "middle class" (in American speech) is all about:
ordinary people helping ordinary people (with that I mean, not grand
Capitalist owner maniacs and psychos, but people who do real work). It
seems that in our Countries, the name "middle class" refers to a more
highly payed sector of society, in particular all small and medium
business owners ("middenstand" in Dutch). This system is not really for
them, because they already are a servant using class, who to a degree
may need poverty and desperation at the bottom of the wage scale, although
many of them do not need that. They are somewhat on the cusp of being
the problem or being the work force. Small business owners are the work
force (labor), medium business owners (with say 50 employees) are
probably not the work force so much anymore, and their interests
generally may shift to be ruling class. They see that their profit is
quite dependent upon low wages in their company. Some of them will fall
for the lure of becoming part of the problem, and support measures that
impoverish people and exploit them.

This system is for the people as a whole. It will have to mean that the
boss caste will need to come down off the hog to a degree, especially
those high up. Those at the bottom will be lifted up, even markedly.
Those who are dumb or lazy will not do well in this system, but they
always retain the chance to better themselves and make something work,
however small.

Threats to this 'way of life'

I think the major threat to this type of society, is the people
themselves. The problems are: stupidity, hysterical rants about how they
have been wronged on some issue and not being reasonable about anything,
people completely dominated by their own raging emotions to such an
extend there isn't a logical or reasonable thought in them, etc. Such
people will inevitably create so much chaos, that the system will morphe
into something that is more dictatorial, however way that will happen.

Trump comes to mind, as ruler over the Americans. More and more chaos
and shallowness, more and more emotions and hysteria, and eventually
laws no longer matter, Constitutions are a thing of the past, and who
can play the emotions of the people for a moment will rule.

It seems to be a reasonable hypohteses to think that this has already
happened. The ignorance of people not to understand economics, or pretend
not to, can be said to already be crossing the line in not being capable
of living in a sensible, peaceful and just Nation. Why did similar
movements not succeed in the past ? Because of the chaos of the people
back then, because they messed everything up back then too.

Even if that is true to a degree, that was then and this is today. We
still have to strive to having a reasonable Nation of peace and Justice,
and we will forever have to strive for that. If it cannot be achieved on
the grandest scale, it can perhaps be achieved in a smaller scale. The
ultimate in small scale is just one individual, doing something with the
natural resources, and posting to Usenet about how things could be ;-).
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Jos Boersema
2018-07-22 14:48:20 UTC
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